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Some projects are in the works or set aside until I can find the right time to devote to them. Everything is a labor of love. – Susie

Mosaic Surfers by Susie Weber

This project is for a friend's home and I hope to complete it in the next month or so. The sketch has been approved for a while now, but I am still collecting the right glass for the project.

Susie Weber Surfer sketch.jpeg

Dachshund Mosaic by Susie Weber

This project was the second mosaic project I ever worked on. Fortunately, I am inspired to finally complete it this summer.  It's was to be done in honor of my Mom's dog, Tootsie. There are are dozen jingle bells in the belly and the tail is on a hinge. My husband power washed it last weekend and it's back in my workshop. She's about 5 feet long.


Sphere: Tree with houses by Susie Weber

Working on this project right now! 

Susie Weber sketch.jpeg

Dog portrait for Humane Society Adoption Room

Doing black and white sketches for a wall graphic. This is the first of 2. They all be rather large.

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