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Below you'll find some fun pieces I really enjoyed making. So happy they have found happy homes.

Part of my DNA series
by Susie Weber

I made these three pieces for my customer‘s daughters. She was very sick and wanted me to make them from stanchions that were from their family farm. Got ‘em done in time for their last Christmas together.

Susie Weber Stanchions.jpeg

15 x 58 inches,

Reclaimed stanchions and glass

Sun Celebration by Susie Weber

Originally designed as a sample for a client to fit around the doorway of their lake house. They wanted a piece large enough to be seen be a boat from the lake. 

Susie Weber metal sun.jpeg

Approximately 8 feet in diameter

Reclaimed metal, plasma cut painted (poured and splattered)

Currently hanging in the loft of the Weber Barn

Covid Cows by Susie Weber

Made several of these special cows for Art in the Barn 2020 because someone said in Wisconsin we measure the 6-foot safety distance by the length of one cow! I found this funny.


Exactly 6 feet wide

Made of reclaimed metal from our property.

Doodle Silo Deck by Susie Weber

This was my first plasma cutting project ever. I did a sketch and used the reclaim roofing material from a fallen outbuild on our property.

The panels fit perfectly and are attached with a magnetic system I figured out.


Approximately 13 feet in diameter

Sphere no. 1: Journey
by Susie Weber

I had an idea, pulled out a sharpie and went for it! I keep exploring these story-telling spheres.


Approximately 36 inch diameter

Hand plasma cut

Lives in our barn in Jackson, WI

Turtles Swimming in the Moonlight
by Susie Weber

The turtle piece took much longer to come to life than expected. It's made of broken china and integrated a few pieces from dishes the collector gave me from her grandmother. I also to the opportunities to make the baby turtle s and I few other signature pieces. 

Susie Weber turtle mosaic.jpeg

24 x 24 inches,

Over 600 pieces broken dishes and hand made ceramic pieces. I made this for a friend and it currently lives in Idaho!

Purple Octopus by Susie Weber

The request for this commissioned piece was a purple octopus to go in the niche off the master bedroom. I believe this one was about 700 pieces.


Reclaimed broken china, vintage glass, handmade ceramic pieces, etc.

Currently lives in a gorgeous art-centric home in Onalaska, WI.

Garden Gate No.2

One of my first gates! 


Made from rusty gates we found in the barn. This cast-off glass pieces. I unexpectly sold​ this piece to visitors from Janesville, WI.

by Susie Weber

Reclaimed metal recovered from our property.


Approximately 6 x 8 feet

Lives on the side of our barn in Jackson, WI

Olympic Torch
by Susie Weber

Made this for a friend's olympic-themed family reunion (we actually had flames in it too!). It's a simple take-off of the torch from the Rio Games several years back.

Susie Weber olympic tourch.jpeg

Over 6 feet high

Created for the party, but live in the Madison area.

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